What to Expect from Professional Event Planning Services

Are you looking to plan a memorable virtual event for your business? From corporate retreats and team-building activities to networking events, virtual event planning services can help bring your vision to life. With the right company, you can experience all the benefits of an in-person or remote gathering without the stress of organizing it yourself. Keep reading to learn more about hiring a virtual event planning service and get a list of some of the best companies available.

Event Planning Services

Event planning services are essential for creating memorable experiences for corporate and personal events. From virtual meetings to large-scale gatherings, event planners can help you bring your vision to life. They will work with you to develop a concept, set goals, decide on the type of event, and execute the day flawlessly. Depending on your needs, they can also provide support with event production, AV services, and international luxury experiences. With their expertise in event planning and management, they will ensure that all the details are taken care of so that you can focus on enjoying the day. Hiring an experienced event planner is key to ensuring a successful gathering that will leave lasting memories.

A guide on starting an event planning service.

Starting an event planning service can be rewarding and profitable. Success requires knowledge, skills, and resources to plan and manage events professionally. Before beginning, familiarize yourself with the industry and types of events. Research vendors, venues, and services needed for each event. Create a pricing structure and a portfolio of past projects. Build strong relationships with vendors to leverage their networks for future events. With the right tools, event planning can bring life's moments together in one place.

Starting an event planning service can be a profitable business opportunity with proper knowledge, skills, and resources. Understanding the reasons behind hiring event planning services is essential.

What is the reason behind the hiring of event planning services by individuals?

People hire event planning services for a variety of reasons. For one, it ensures that the event-goers and guests of honor can enjoy themselves without having to focus on the details associated with running a successful event. This is especially true when it comes to special occasions such as weddings, where couples want to focus on getting married rather than worrying about things like catering, parking, and making sure that everyone behaves. Event planners also have the knowledge and experience to ensure that every aspect of an event is well-coordinated and carried out smoothly. They have access to vendors, venues, and other services needed for each event, allowing them to leverage their networks to give clients exactly what they're looking for. Additionally, by hiring an event planner, clients can rest assured knowing that their events will be planned professionally with all the bells and whistles they desire.

Companies that specialize in virtual events for businesses

In today's digital world, virtual events are becoming more and more popular for businesses. Whether it's an internal training session or a customer webinar, virtual events provide businesses with the ability to interact with their audience engagingly and cost-effectively. If you're looking for a virtual event company that can help you set up and host your next online event, here is a list of some of the best virtual event companies for business:

Outback Team Building offers interactive online activities and team-building exercises that are designed to engage employees worldwide. They specialize in corporate events, hybrid events, virtual meetings, and even weddings!

Eventbrite is a well-known event management platform that provides everything you need to create amazing live experiences. From ticketing and registration to event planning services, Eventbrite will help make sure your next event runs smoothly.

Perfect Event provides full-service event production services including audio/visual support, stage design & lighting, staffing solutions, catering coordination, and much more. Their team will work with you from start to finish to ensure your special day comes together perfectly.

Social Tables helps teams create beautiful events digitally by providing them with dynamic seating diagrams and 3D visualizations so they can plan their dream events without ever leaving their desks!

From corporate meetings to weddings and social gatherings, these top virtual event companies for business will help take your online experience to the next level!

Overall, virtual events are a great way for businesses to stay connected with their audience excitingly and cost-effectively. With the help of these top virtual event companies, you can ensure your next online event runs smoothly and exceeds expectations. And if that wasn't enough, get ready for something even better - unboxed experiences! Stay tuned to find out more!

Unboxed Experiences

Unboxed Experiences is a unique virtual event company that offers exciting and engaging experiences for businesses, teams, and individuals. Unboxed Experiences specializes in creating custom virtual events with an emphasis on fun and engagement. From beer and cheese pairings to charcuterie boards, there are plenty of options for you to choose from! Whether you're looking for a one-on-one corporate training session or a large-scale interactive experience for your team or customers, Unboxed Experiences will help bring your event concept to life. Their team of experienced planners will work with you from start to finish to ensure your event day runs smoothly and successfully. With Unboxed Experiences, count on having an unforgettable virtual experience!

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The Go Game

The Go Game is the leading provider of event planning services. Their team of experienced event planners specializes in creating custom experiences that are tailored to each client's needs. From corporate events and personal events to virtual meetings and hybrid events, they guarantee a memorable experience for their clients. With The Go Game, you can expect creativity, innovation, and impeccable service. From setting goals to designing an unforgettable event, they provide comprehensive services to make your dream event a reality! From virtual event platforms to special events like weddings or community events, The Go Game can help create the perfect event for any occasion. Their goal is simple: deliver top-notch services that exceed expectations. With The Go Game on your side, you can count on having a successful and enjoyable event!


Confetti is the ultimate event planning service for virtual events. With their expert team of event planners, they specialize in creating unique experiences tailored to each client's needs. From birthday parties and corporate meetings to virtual events and hybrid events, Confetti has it all. Their goal is to provide a memorable experience while making sure everyone feels connected and engaged.

The services provided by Confetti are top-notch, offering a wide range of options such as classic games, hands-on experiences with all material shipped directly to participants' homes, murder mysteries, and more. They also have plenty of digital event options that make connecting with your team easy and fun! Plus, their team is available throughout the entire process – from setting goals for the event day to designing an unforgettable concept – ensuring that you get exactly what you want from your event.

With Confetti on your side, you can rest assured knowing that your virtual event will be a success!

Laughter On Call

Laughter On Call is an event planning service that specializes in virtual team-building events. Founded by a daughter who wanted to help her mother battle depression, the company quickly grew and now serves up laughter on a screen for some of the biggest organizations in the world, including Stanford University.

The virtual team-building events hosted by Laughter On Call are designed to boost morale and increase engagement among teams. Through fun activities such as group challenges, trivia nights, and scavenger hunts, participants can enjoy quality time with their colleagues while staying connected and engaged.

Besides virtual team-building events, Laughter On Call also offers other services such as corporate meetings, birthday parties, and social gatherings. Their experienced event planners are passionate about delivering unique experiences tailored to each client’s needs, making sure everyone has an unforgettable time during the event.

With Laughter On Call on your side, you can rest assured knowing that your virtual team-building event will be a success!

Escape Game

Escape Game is an event planning services company specializing in virtual events and team-building activities. From corporate meetings to birthday parties, Escape Game can make any occasion memorable with its virtual escape room games.

The team at Escape Game creates custom-built puzzles, challenges, and mysteries tailored to each client’s needs. Through these unique experiences, participants can connect with colleagues and friends while having fun. With super flexible scheduling and a ninety-minute time frame, Escape Game makes it easy for organizations to plan the perfect virtual event.

Their experienced event planners work hard to deliver an unforgettable experience every time. They also provide a variety of tools that make it easy for teams to collaborate and stay connected before, during, and after the game.

So whether you’re looking for a fun way to engage your staff or celebrate a special occasion, look no further than Escape Game!

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Priority Experiences

Priority Experiences is an event planning services company specializing in virtual events and tastings. Perfect for corporate events, special occasions, and community gatherings, Priority Experiences provides a unique way to connect with friends, family, and colleagues.

Priority Experiences offers carefully curated tasting experiences for guests to enjoy from the comfort of their own homes. They partner exclusively with small businesses for their products and offer a variety of wines, teas, chocolates, mocktails, soups, and more. All orders are carefully packaged with detailed instructions so that everyone can enjoy the full tasting experience together.

The team at Priority Experiences works hard to make sure every event is perfect. Their experienced event planners assist clients every step of the way from creating custom menus to designing the perfect atmosphere. So if you're looking for a special virtual event or gathering look no further than Priority Experiences!


Marco is an innovative event planning services company that specializes in creating amazing experiences for any kind of event. From large corporate events to intimate gatherings, Marco can provide the perfect solution. Their team of experienced event planners will work closely with you to create a custom experience tailored to your needs.

With Marco, you can choose from a wide range of activities such as interactive games, creative hands-on activities with shippable kits, and side-splitting comedy experiences. They also offer virtual events and have a variety of platforms available that make it easy to connect with people wherever they are. Marco's commitment to providing quality service has made them trusted partners of notable companies like Apple. So if you're looking for an unforgettable experience at your next event, look no further than Marco!


Hoppier is an event planning services company that helps make planning events easier than ever. The team at Hoppier provides personalized solutions for any type of event, be it a corporate gathering, birthday celebration, or wedding. With their expertise in event planning and project management, they make sure everything runs smoothly from the beginning to the end.

Their services include budgeting, contracting vendors, setting up registration and payment portals, and all other aspects of event planning. They also provide custom gift cards that can be used to give guests an extra special experience.

Hoppier has helped many clients successfully plan their dream events without any hassle. By leveraging their knowledge and experience in the industry, Hoppier ensures that every event runs seamlessly so you can relax and enjoy the occasion.


Woyago is a virtual event planning services company that specializes in providing unique experiences from around the world. Their mission is to bring people together and make special events even more remarkable. Woyago curates interactive activities such as live-streamed tours, cultural experiences, and more for groups of 10-25 people.

From its inception, Woyago has earned rave reviews for hosting full-day events, tours of Paris, nights out on the town, and more. As the world shifted due to the pandemic, they began providing virtual experiences across several countries tailored specifically to each client's needs. Notable companies such as Apple have used their services to make special occasions even more memorable.

The team at Woyago makes sure that every event runs seamlessly so you can relax and enjoy the occasion without any hassle. From budgeting to contracting vendors to setting up registration portals, they provide everything you need for your perfect event with ease.

People Also Ask These Questions

People often ask questions about virtual event planning companies. Here are some of the most common queries:

What are the services provided by virtual event planning companies?

Virtual event planning companies offer a wide range of services including event concept creation, virtual platform setup, registration and ticketing systems, budgeting, meeting and audio-visual support, vendor contracting, and more.

What is the pricing for virtual event planning services?

The price of virtual event planning services will vary depending on the company's size, experience level, and the type and complexity of your project. It is important to research different packages to find the best option for your budget.

Are there any extra costs associated with hiring a virtual event planner?

Depending on the company you choose, there may be additional fees such as payment processing costs or cancellation fees. Be sure to read through each agreement carefully before signing to ensure that all costs are transparently listed.

Do I need special equipment for my virtual event?

Depending on what type of virtual event you are hosting, you may need specific equipment such as cameras or microphones for streaming video or audio content. Most professional virtual event planners will be able to advise you on what equipment is necessary for your particular project.

Choosing the right virtual event planning company can make all the difference in creating a successful and enjoyable experience for your guests. Make sure to do your research and ask questions to ensure you get the best value for your money. Next up, we'll be exploring what a virtual event planning service does to help you create an unforgettable online event!

What are the services offered by a virtual event planning company?

A virtual event planning service helps you create an unforgettable online event by managing the entire process from start to finish. They will collaborate with you to design the perfect event, from concept creation and platform setup to budgeting and vendor contracting. They also ensure that all necessary audio-visual equipment is in place, coordinate registration and ticketing systems, and provide marketing support. Most importantly, they make sure that your guests have a great experience by engaging them throughout the event. With their expertise and attention to detail, virtual event planners help make your dream event come true!

What are the factors to be considered in deciding whether to hire a virtual event company?

Hiring a virtual event company is ideal for events that need to be managed remotely, such as corporate conferences and hybrid events. If you're looking to host a large-scale event but don't have the resources or expertise in-house to pull it off, then it's time to consider using a virtual event planning service. With their extensive network of vendors and suppliers, they can help you create an engaging and interactive experience that will make your event stand out from the rest. They also provide invaluable guidance on budgeting, marketing, technology setup, and more. By hiring a virtual event planner you'll gain access to expert knowledge, allowing you to achieve your desired results quickly and efficiently. In addition, their services are often cost-effective and offer flexibility in terms of timelines and deadlines. So if you're planning an online event or looking for ways to maximize the impact of your next special occasion, then hiring a virtual event company is worth considering!

What criteria should I use to select a virtual event company?

Choosing the right virtual event company can be a daunting process, but with some careful consideration, you can find the perfect fit for your event. Start by considering the size and scope of your event - figure out how many attendees you have, what type of experience you want to create, and any special requirements. Next, research virtual event companies in your area and read reviews from past customers to get an idea of their quality of service. You should also look at their portfolio of work to see if they have delivered similar events in the past. Once you've narrowed down your list, contact the companies directly to discuss pricing options, availability, and any other questions or concerns that you may have. Finally, ensure that their staff has adequate training and resources to handle your event successfully. By taking these steps, you can ensure that your virtual event is flawlessly executed with minimal stress!

What is the cost of hiring a virtual event company?

Hiring a virtual event company can be an affordable way to host your special event. Prices vary based on the number of participants, the type of event, and additional services you may require. Smaller events with fewer attendees might start at around $500, while larger events with more complex needs could cost anywhere from $1000-$5000 or more. You should also consider any other costs associated with the event such as web hosting or streaming fees. When researching potential companies, make sure to ask about their pricing packages and what is included in each one so that you know exactly what you're getting for your money. By weighing all of these factors, you can find the perfect virtual event company for your budget.

What is the best way to evaluate virtual event planning services?

To compare virtual event planning services, it is recommended to review customer feedback, product options, and the ability to meet event needs. It is important to conduct research on potential companies and assess their level of work quality through feedback. Review their packages and costs to ensure they meet your budget. Reach out to them if you have any doubts. Use these steps to select the perfect virtual event planning service for your needs.

What are the criteria for determining the success of the virtual event planning service?

A successful virtual event planning service meets the goals of your event. It should be tailored to the needs of your team, providing a unique and engaging experience for everyone involved. To determine if the virtual event planning service was successful, you'll want to pay attention to the feedback from your team members. It's important to ask questions about the quality of their experience and get an idea of how much they enjoyed it. Additionally, you should also check in with them after the event has finished seeing if they would use the same service again in the future. If they had a positive experience, then you can consider this as a sign of success.